Active Investing

The partners of GPX have significant hands-on management expertise,
gained through direct operating experience with companies both publicly
traded and private, domestic and international, in multiple and often
complex industries representing all stages of development.

Our strategy is to leverage this experience to achieve superior returns on a
select group of private investments. We call it active investing. And it means
we invest more than capital; we also invest our experience, passion,
insight, and the other assets gained through decades of hands-on
management and operational success.

GPX's active role in the management of its businesses can range from
routine board oversight to holding direct management positions for periods
of time. Regardless of the structure, GPX is dedicated to working as a
successful partner, allowing the company to benefit from our successful
operating experience, financial acumen, relationships and other assets in
order to improve execution and operating performance and ultimately
increase company value.

In order to truly capitalize on this experience, GPX differentiates itself from traditional funds that try to manage dozens of investments. GPX
concentrates on a limited group of portfolio companies so it can dedicate
the time and resources necessary to focus on the achievement of superior operating performance and value creation.

This focused strategy and hands on operating experience is what sets GPX
apart from other private equity sponsors. The true essence of active
investing is the value that GPX brings to each investment. We have a
vested interest in the performance of every GPX company, and so our
approach is anything but passive.

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